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Linnaeus Garden Linnaeus’ biological naming system (the binomial nomenclature) made sense of the system of naming animals and plants, so that (at least in Latin) scientists had a common reference name, for example for the Polar bear (Ursus maritimus), otherwise they wouldn’t know what each other was talking about. Biologists, bird-watchers and gardeners all around the world have much to thank him for. This feat alone makes him a giant among scientists. The reconstructed gardens are here because Carl Linnaeus lived and worked in Uppsala where he was a professor of medicine at Uppsala University.


Fjällnora open-air recreation area is surrounded by lakes, steep, wooded hilltops and vast forests. In the summer, Fjällnora becomes a paradise of activities. Both lakes in the area, Trehörningen or Ramsen, have a large open-air swimming area, a naturist beach and a dog beach, where your four-footed friend can take a dip. Follow the signs from the rental cottages at the entrance. The area also has excellent hiking trails if you want to go out and explore the interesting landscape. For example, you can hike the Upplandsleden trail that passes through the area. You can also go fishing, biking, rent canoes and kayaks, play miniature golf and much more.


The Uppsala University Botanical Garden stylishly houses more than 9,000 plant species and is part of the Linnaean Gardens, with the Linnaeus Garden and Linnaeus Hammaby. What you can expect and get here is a botanical and gardening experience par excellence. Visit the baroque garden during spring, summer and autumn for brilliantly coloured summer flowers, charming alpine plants, trees and shrubs from all around the world.