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Bror hjorths hus

Bror Hjorths Hus, is a museum of the artist Bror Hjorth, located in Uppsala, Sweden. The museum has a large collection of Hjorth’s work. The house which was built in 1943 was for 25 years the home and studio of Bror Hjorth.

Uppsala Museum

Uppsala Museum is one of Scandinavia’s most noteworthy cultural environments, and learn more about the centuries-old myths surrounding the area. Exhibits include unique and original finds from the royal mounds, which have long served as a symbol of a magnificent past.

Museum of Evolution

The Museum of Evolution of Uppsala University is a natural history museum in Sweden containing the largest fossil collection in Scandinavia. he number of items in today’s collection, which spans zoological, paleontological and mineralogical specimens, is approximately 5 million unique pieces, of which only a fraction are exhibited.


Uppsala Castle is the location of several major events in the history of Uppsala and Sweden; for example ‘the Sture Murders’ in 1647 when several noblemen were butchered at the behest of deranged King Erik XIV who had accused them of treason (their clothes are displayed at Uppsala Cathedral). Like many mid-1500s castles in Sweden, bloodbaths, conflict and political plotting were par for the course.


The Domkyrka (Cathedral) of Uppsala is the largest cathedral in all of Scandinavia. The twin-spired, rose-hued Gothic structure stands nearly 400 feet tall and boasts an impressive Gothic interior. Inside are the relics of St. Erik, several notable tombs, and a small museum of ecclesiastical treasures.

Old Uppsala

Gamla Uppsala means old Uppsala. The known history of this very special place stretches back some 2,000 years. At Gamla Uppsala you can wander among the royal mounds, ruins and burial sites for a fascinating insight into how ancient Swedes lived, died and what they believed in. The nuggets of knowledge you’ll learn about at the Gamla Uppsala Museum include the mythical Svea kings, Norse gods and human sacrifices.